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APC Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Segals

Hazel and Harold, our favorite hosts (21 Segals’ meetings to date), are being honored here as they are about to depart for a month’s vacation in Europe. It will be their first trip overseas since WWII, which brought them together.

Ever since Hal edited the first number of these papers in 1932 (then called The Amateur Pressman), he has been a leading spirit in the APC, bringing home from service in England a bride who has been loved by all of us ever since. There are three children who carry on the hobby tradition. Nancy, 21, graduated from Hofstra with a teaching degree and went over to Paris as a junior but David, 13 in August, and 11-year-old Wendy will be going abroad for their first time. The anniversary date actually was February 10, but this is our first meeting since.

Passing Footsteps

Grace Moss Weitman, that Grand Lady of the ajay world, died last week. Since she was especially close to the New York area group, the APC has sent a resolution of sympathy to Dr. Weitman.

Geographically removed but friend-by-mail to many of us in the east was Col. Arthur Hodges, who died a few weeks ago. He first appeared on the ajay scene two decades ago in Afghanistan, and was with us through many changes of post.

Pop Poster Department

One should set type at an APC meet… so I did. – FJL

This year HUMANS should become
man’s best friend
– Lofi Hirschman [Pooh-Bah] of the Odd Bodkin

For Green Stamps

Grown men are standing in corners sobbing quietly as Haywood demonstrates his Rex Rotary offset outfit, acquired with 14,000 green stamps and no cash (he says). For us operators of letterpress, this one more instance of a noble mind shattered. – L&PW

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1 Plus 1 Equals 1

The Fick family has just come through a double trauma. Son was graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Aeronautical engineering) and simultaneously married Barbara Marchanti of Norwich, New York… yesterday!

Carolyn Francis Moitoret, erstwhile APCer and more recently teacher in England, was married on May 23rd to Frank W. G. Barrett. The Barretts are residing in London, where Frank attends to business on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government.

Dramatis Personae

From afar came Al and Alma Fick and from not so far, Lillian and Parker Worley. Nearer by-points yielded Lucia, George and Cathy Trainer; Fred Liddle; Dave, Pam, Helen and both Sheldon Wessons; Lofi, Steve and Bill Hirschman; Bill Dingle, Sr. and Jr.; Roy Lindberg; Les Boyer; Al Lee; Helen and Alf Babcock; Ralph Babcock; Jan, Holly and Ed Harler.

… and the hosts, Tillie, Bill, and Paul Haywood. And the guests, Hazel and Harold Segal.

Three by Alf, Six from Steve

After seeing our hosts’ offset equipment we have to wonder if the two pre-printed color runs on page one were letterpress. Bill swears that they were.

Three representatives of the Odd Bodkin press, en route from Yankee-land to Dixie, stopped off at the APC Convention to sample the beer and ‘buff-guff’. Though the Hirschmanae are underwhelmed about leaving the center of the black art, we look forward to printing where the type melts in the stick.

Segal Safari Schedule Set

The Haywoods want to know the itinerary of our trip: Depart June 26 from Philadelphia, arrive next a.m. at Nice to spend five days with the Moitorets. Then a week in London, sight-seeing and relative-seeing, and then a motor tour to nostalgic spots in southern England, Wales, Scotland and (if they are not fighting among themselves) Northern Ireland. After that my soul belongs to American Express. – HS

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APC meeting at the Haywoods Fair Lawn, N. J. 07410

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