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HAPPY NEW 1969 TO ONE AND all from ye merry Amateur Printers Club gathered here to celebrate the occasion with the usual frivolity that percolates at these affairs. We will drink a champagne toast at midnight & you who are unable to be here can get the same dizzy effect by reading this page whilst standing on one’s head. Another boing-boing service of our APC.

Columbus, the Gem of Ohio

Some surprises are planned for the 1969 Columbus convention but in view of the fact that Ohio is now our largest state and that Ohio members are enthusiastically making arrangements to provide novel attractions, we would not be surprised – and hereby predict – that one out of every five NAPA members will attend the meet in Columbus this year. – RB & BB

Does It Have an Interrobang?

A Cheerful Prediction for 1969 from The Maledictions Press: Around March, a Japanese company by the name of Dozo Type Foundry will bring out a high-waisted, flat-footed type face called AMELLICANA. The face will be hailed as “The Type of the Century” by haiku printers, poor blind art directors and Al Frank. We plan to buy several fonts and promptly resell them to John Sullivan and Jim Doletzky (both being members of NAPA and APA who are known to buy anything) at a profit. Written by Lillian and set by Parker Worley.

Where Is APC News 116, Virginia?

We love you, Virginia Baker, don’t get us wrong, but you should resign as NAPA mailer, or President Oliner should remove you. Why was APC News 116 not mailed? You might say we neglected to print the address of the “editor.” In the frenzy of an APC meeting, we’re lucky to get the right date.

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Epic Limerick

Our nautical person, named Vic,
Departing, convinced we’d turn sick,
Cried “Judge malelected!
Segal LSDeflected!
The law must be used like a brick.” – et al.

The Harlers Are Alive and Living…

It’s rather rare that NAPA-ites hear very much about the Harlers since they have withdrawn. Jan and Ed are active in the UAPA. (Jan’s Chairman of the Board and Ed’s their Historian.) Holly, the family’s socialite, is now squeezing in a full high school curriculum between piano, organ and band activities. Curtis, a freshman at Penn State, regretted missing the evening’s festivities, but is enjoying a vacation in Florida with the P.S. Blue Band prior to their appearance in the Orange Bowl.

Promises, Promises, Promises

The NAPA and AAPA will hold conventions in July and September, respectively. In each case there will be much conversation about printing and writing by members who have done none of either for the prior twelve months and who will promptly do more of the same the following twelve months. (But we like them anyhow.)

Verle Heljeson of Atlanta, Georgia, and Eda Channer Groats of Puddlefork, Wyoming will tie the knot at high noon on July 4th. – LWB

APC Socks It 2-Em Again

President: J. Ed Newman
Vice-President: Joseph Hillis
Recorder: Robin Witter
Official Editor: William Murtland
Executive Judges: Oliner, Janes, Wesson

Alternates for any of the above: Tillie Haywood, Al Lee, William Wallace, Ronald Ruble, Carr Liggett and John Gillick.

(This ticket bears the Seal of Approval from Willametta Keffer, Sally O’Rear and Good Housekeeping.)

They Made the Scene

Roll call: Ruth and Bill Boys, Columbus, Ohio; Tom Whitbread, Austin, Texas; Sheldon P. Wesson, Glen Ridge, N. J.; Verle Heljeson, Atlanta, Ga.; Lillian and Parker Worley, Haddonfield, N. J.; Kay and Al Lee, Ossining, N. Y.; Jan, Ed and Holly Harler, Levittown, Pa.; Elaine, Les, Brian and Craig Boyer, Hartsdale, N. Y. Also the Segals.

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1968-1969 Version

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house
Most creatures were stirring, including the mouse.
The stockings were empty, their contents devour’d;
Saint Nick lay abed, by the flu overpower’d…. – TBW

How does that grab you, Virginia?

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