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Bradburn ‘Top Dog’ in APC Type Identification Contest

The invite for this APC meet was set up in 36 different sizes or faces of type and border, with a prize offered to the person submitting the most accurate identification by meeting time. For a while it looked like Willametta Keffer might walk off with the prize (as she did for Shep Wesson’s proofreading contest a few years ago), when hers was the only one to come in the mail. But three male printers arrived with their entries in hand to preserve some honor for the APC.

Early in the judging some contestants rightly guessed that part of host Vic’s motive was to identify some of the type in the 40 cases he had recently acquired.

Joe Bradburn won in a breeze with 67.50 points – he even lugged along a big 1923 ATF catalog to back up his complete and precise identifications. It was close for second place. Erling H. Hustvedt notched a 49.75, Willametta had 48.75, and Jim Walczak made 46.00 (he hadn’t considered identifying the borders & was thrown for losses by the 9- and 11-point Caslon). Willametta earned a cheer and an extra half-point bonus when her entry turned out to be the only one to spot one wrong font letter.

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Two Dozen Yak and Print

Veteran’s Day weekend proved to be one where amateur printers had all sorts of other commitments. Those who did muster around for this clambake were Joe Bradburn; Erling & Janie Hustvedt; Jim & Franziska Walczak; Ed, Jan, Curt and Holly Harler; Quick and Dottie Carlson along with Lona, Dorn, Tara, Innes, and Roal Carlson (which means seven Carlsons and gives you the origin for the name of the Seven Sea Private Press) and Dottie’s mother, Mrs. Josephine Andrews; Stan Coffin; and the host Moitorets, Vic, Ro, Carolyn, Alan, Cathy, and Jackie.

A few people actually set type. Janie Hustvedt wrote copy and chose the second color for the front page. Ed Harler distributed November bundles, and energetic Jim Walczak distributed dead matter to clear the chase.

Absentees had a host of reasons (excuses, alibis?). Shep Wesson had to sell hot dogs at a high school homecoming. Segals had Parents Day at Nancy’s college. A press photographers’ function claimed Castleman. Ralph Babcock caught his turn at weekend duty at the U.N.

Alf Babcock said he was coming but hasn’t. Milton Grady sent regrets from Des Moines: “I will be with you all in spirit. Next to Bill Haywood’s It’s a Small World I think the APC is the grandest thing in organized amateur journalism. I will always cherish my guest appearances at the Segals’. Such hospitality, conviviality, and friendship with all the most wonderful people on this earth. [Naturally we had to quote that. – Editors] Enjoy! Enjoy! These are the moments we strive to attain.” Ray Albert said distance plus cost prohibited.

New local member McLendon was going out of town. Newly-wed Samuel Smith phoned regrets. So did Dick Yoder. Tillie Haywood had to attend the N. J. Woman’s Press Club in Newark; that eliminated Bill & Paul, too.

Poet Laureate Cliff Woodward had an exam to take down at Duke, so he and Diana couldn’t make it (but Cliff penned that his “hair is now short enough to be bearable – even by a Navy man”). Miriam Woodruff said the job promotion she’s had since July carries the penalty of weekend duty “to set the wheels turning in case of escape, riot, fire, or nuclear attack!”

Eloise, Russ, and Shirley Paxton claimed shortage of time but wished us lots of fun and good weather. Willametta wrote “just think of us sitting here, chewing on 10-pt Goudy or fingering our new Greco Adornado and wishing we could be with you.”

George Trainer sent regards, and we return sympathy at the news that his daughter Cathy has been in the hospital for 11 weeks after a serious brain operation – hope she’ll be home for Christmas.

Tony Moitoret begged off too, “because I will be in Oakland, that evening… to attend the Last Man’s Club reunion dinner.” Roy Lindberg phoned from NYC to say he’d make an effort. It’s not yet midnight so he might show up. [Morning after P.S.: He didn’t.]

It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense

Having thrown a monkey-wrench into the gestation period of this colossal macrocephalic by having my head laundered & wrinkled, I felt compelled to produce a gem. However, the only gem that whelped was left over from the launching of the Frigate Press – by accident???? “Editing for purposes of justification is dirty pool!!!!” – J. P. H., The Tender Dinghy

How to Speed Mail Delivery

Neither rain nor wind nor fog nor fog nor fog can keep true amateur journalists from an APC meeting at the executive mansion! Anyhow, a special delivery letter awaited me at Camp Springs and it was easier and faster to drive for four and one-half hours to pick it up rather than entrust delivery to the Levittown Post Office. Now I am looking forward to the four and one-half minute ride on December 31st, when the APC meets in Bristol. – Jan

(Typographer’s comment: I, too, look forward to the shorter drive, but that’s probably because I am the one who does the driving.)

Special note to the Middletown and Bristol police: Four and one-half minutes is only a figure of speech. Honestly!

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Published by divers members of ye Amateur Printers Club at ye Cuniculus Press. Edited by Victor A. Moitoret et Cie.

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