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Marjorie A. Smith, member of, and printed for, UAP and AAPA, October 1979

In May we drove to Lincoln to see relatives and friends. Then we went on to Denver to visit more relatives and friends. Dad had come here three times since my mother died. It was fun to entertain all at Writer’s Manor, especially my sister and husband. In the mountains, driving by streams thirty miles from Denver (the worst crime city in U.S.), the evergreen was lovely.

Because of a blizzard we could not go to Aspen. Rehobeth Beach in Deleware was lovely and Sea Horse restaurant had good food – workers tried to please. We were there in September. The view was lovely from our room facing the ocean. We did not like food on the Ohio or PA turnpikes, nor the limit of eight gallons of gas (PA turnpike) and the continuous road work. One time we waited an hour on the highway because two trucks collided. We stopped in Hershey, PA, to go through the candy place. The tour was not personal, too short, and there was no free candy. Eight miles beyond was the Three Mile reactor at Middletown – awesome, four buildings sticking up. The observer point was open Tues. – Sun. 12 to 5. We went in the morning, no fear, no houses for sale nearby, people were cheerful when we asked directions, and when waiting in line for the plant as train passed by. We should not buy overseas but rather have alternate products.

We heard lovely Loretta Lynn at Jackson fair. We were shocked the hour before with their hawking of her records and books.

Our next trip was up North in June. This is my 4th draft, have an eyelid droop.

My daughter took grandsons and me to see Annie in Detroit.It was good clean fun. That’s the reason we like Muppets and Canadian T.V. We listen to the radio – talk shows mostly.

We joined the church here and love the Bible study class. The neighbors and kids are wonderful. How we enjoy our house, yard, flowers, birds, quiet.

Lee and I returned from up North to see lovely colors – motels and food were good but gas was $1.14 and $1.07.

I wonder what records and books you like. Corrie Ten Boom who helped Jews during WWII and then placed in concentration camp had stroke in Orange, CA, Box 2040, zip 92669 published a book Questions, Answers in the Bible. I like Hannah Smith’s book of Happy Christian. Widowed during WWII, Peace of Mind by Rabbi Liebman helped me. Weatherhead’s book Will of God helps anyone who is suffering. Little Tree, book about orphan Indian boy, put out by Reader’s Digest in condensed form, is wonderful. Of course the Bible is special – gives guidance, comfort and hope. I like classical records but also All of Me by Willie Nelson, Jingle Bell Rock, and Red Roses for a Blue Lady. Lee does not like ham radio; I enjoy pottery, writing class with different interesting assignments. Have had a few things published – our class will have our three things published in book soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas-merry and a Happy, healthful New Year. I am grateful to all of you for encouraging me, especially R. Pierce. When the bundles come out, I write on all papers, enclose in mail, to join, send essay or poem. If you care to enclose this, my paper, add special Bible verse or hymn on the back for content. Verses I think of lately are “having done all, to stand,” and “He will never leave us nor forsake us.” I love the hymn, How Great Thou Art.

Thanks to Pat S. for my book, papers, and good work!

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