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Second Timothy 1:7, God has not given us fear but power, love, sound mind.

Our twentieth anniversary.

Joy! We felt like V.I.P’s as all we passed, clapped hands, stopped, smiled and honked. It was our anniversary. My daughter wanted to celebrate with us. She and the grandsons pasted paper flowers and streamers on their car and a sign, “Lee and Margy, twenty years, anniversary.”

The youngest sat up front with my daughter, the oldest hid in the back. Judy drove us to the church where we married, on to where my husband had worked, now retired. We went by where we lived. The time went and soon we picked up my son-in-law and enjoyed Webers for tea and dessert. They brought champagne to the house. We ordered an extra large pizza with all on it and we ate by the fireplace. Such fun and a different kind of day we will never forget. We both received china gifts. Lee gave me a diamond ring.

When writing, always date, then you will know what mood you were in then, why. Gripes do not sell. Thanks to all you writing. I appreciate it.

We went to an organ concert, sang, enjoyed. The man in charge said it was sad so many of us there Mother’s Day. I thought it fine we do not expect our children to entertain us. They have their families and life to live. I don’t care what people think. We are with family on all holidays. My daughter is a mother, too. Remember olden days, organ, serial, news, movies, exciting.

A woman handed me a tiny book of Mark at a grocery store. I had felt depressed and read it constantly. She gave me the idea, the past fourteen years, to leave tiny books of the Bible where we go, vacation, shop, eat out. Over five thousand given, nine in one day. Just think if those five thousand, too, ordered from American Bible and gave out books too or read them, gave them away and others got the message of hope, love, security, path to live, from the Holy Bible.

Went to a convention of Germans who moved to Russia and who came to America. My and their grand parents never discussed the trip by ship here or wagon train in America. Please get your grand parents life on tape, now.

Someone wrote on our being in rhythm of the universe, yes and order, sun up, seasons in order, sun down, such lovely color, scents, sound, joy for all.

I wondered why Jesus never entertained at home. Why he never described Heaven.

How did God, Jesus create earth, trees, ocean, mountains, birds of all types, animals, their natural instinct, flowers, what fun they must have had creating world for us, and necessities, water, food, air. John 17

Alpha and Omega
Marjorie A. Smith
Dexter, Mich. 48130

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