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And I Like It!

A YEAR has passed – my first year in the circle of Amateur Journalism. Mere words cannot express the enjoyment I have derived, and the thrill of seeing my (amateurish) efforts in print. Just for the privilege of being a small part of this organization I feel honored. And my deepest thanks to Ray Albert for his competency as a recruiter. His letter of introduction laid the cornerstone of a hobby well-founded.

With the coming of election, and after due consideration on my part, I have “thrown in my hat” as a candidate for Official Mailer.

We, as members, are well acquainted with the “bickerings” which have invariably been a topic of discussion during the past year, due to what was termed as “inefficiency in mailing.” This can and should be eliminated! However, we should realize the work which must be devoted to that office and stand by the old proverb: “Every man should get his just desserts.”

With the annual convention and election time drawing nigh, we can visualize more clearly the possibilities in store for A. A. P. A. in the coming years. If present plans materialize, and the anticipated publicity comes into view, our organization should go over the top in the national as well as international field of journalism.

Amateur Journalism is definitely on the upward trends, and our aim is to be right in there with our best pitching arm in seasonal practice.

This September the entire A. A. P. A. membership will be entrusted with choosing their own leadership for the coming year. We want, and need officers who are capable of carrying out that office. So when the ballots are before you, you will be wise to study the candidates carefully before casting your vote.

Campaigning is a new feature for me, so I won’t try to make any flowery speeches. My opinion is that we need someone with sufficient interest and enthusiasm, and a determination to do a good job. So that is what I believe in and your votes will be appreciated – “Wallace Ward for Mailer.”

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FOR 1949-50

Lets elect:

Leland M. Hawes, Jr. – President.
Floyd Ackerman – Secretary
James Carl Cole – Printing & Pub. Mgr.

Ocean Lovers

Along the narrow, snow-white strand,
The lovers stroll, hand in hand,
Watching the waves roll merrily on,
As they sing a lover’s song.
Ocean moonlight, bathed in gold,
To lover’s, secrets will unfold,
Lover’s gay from far and wide,

Listening to the ocean-tide,
Far off-shore the waves still foam,
While on the beach the lover’s roam,
Thinking least of home and friends,
Then ocean lover’s part, to meet again.

Printer’s Prattle
by Perry S. Hall

“PLEASE mark this order S.A.P.,
And print it right away.
It has to have PRIORITY,
So get it out today.”
Machines are rolling very fast,
There’s buzzing everywhere.
The printer’s hands are all begrimed
And ink is in his hair.

NOTE: S.A.P. – Soon as possible.

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Published exclusively for American Amateur Press Association by Wallace Ward, Whiteville, N. C.

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