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… from the bank of Stones River

Stimulating Response

Thank You

The many personal letters I have received have been most gratifying. This is the most fascinating hobby I have ever got into. And I do like hobbies – photography, painting, magic, fixit shop, and others.

An Explanation

Included with my contribution this month is a copy of That Something, a story of inspiration which came into my hands years ago in manuscript form. If anyone knows who might have written it, I would like to hear. I hope you enjoy it.

The Lighthouse

This is the name of a dream – an endeavor which I hope to see culminate in the establishment of a school and health center. In the meantime, I call my basement establishment The Lighthouse Press.

An Answer

Yes, those of you who inferred that I am a vegetarian are correct. “The Hunter” is more than a poem, it is my way of life. In this respect, as in some others, I am sort of a disciple of Albert Schweitzer.

Another Answer

The word doctor comes from the Latin doceo, doctus, “teach.” There are many doctors degrees:

LL.D. – Doctor of Laws – Honorary
Litt.D. – Doctor of Letters – Honorary
D.D. – Doctor of Divinity – Honorary
D.Sc. – Doctor of Science – Honorary
Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy – Earned (At least 3 years beyond college)
Ed.D. – Doctor of Education – Earned (At least 3 years beyond college)
Mus.D. – Doctor of Music – Earned (At least 3 years beyond college)
M.D. – Doctor of Medicine – Earned (At least 3 years beyond college)
Th.D. – Doctor of Theology – Earned (At least 3 years beyond the B.D., Bachelor of Divinity, which is itself 3 years beyond college)

There have been honorary Ph.D.’s M.D.’s, Th.D.’s and others, but these are not now given as honorary by better institutions of higher learning. There is a wide variety in requirements for the different degrees, institution to institution.

Physicians rarely sign their names without the M.D. added. Psychologists, likewise, seem to have an obsession to be known as Doctor. Educators, on the other hand, rarely sign their names with the identifying letters, and are almost never called Doctor in the literature or at professional conferences. This is a custom which I hope never changes. The “Doctor” obsession exhibited by the medical and psychological professions seems to me to be a manifestation of a rather deep-rooted inferiority complex.

by Felix A. Lorenz, Jr.

The deepest desires of the hungering heart
To be filled and fulfilled in every part –
Rich rewards for each seeking soul
To be found, and bound into one perfect whole –
Health and happiness, justice and wisdom,
Wealth and worth and values that bind –
These are the things that forever embody
The challenge of teaching the human mind.

There’s surely an answer to every need,
But the world is so full of grind and greed
That the questioning minds of children and youth
Know not where to turn, nor what is truth.
Who, then, must step in this duty to do:
To teach moral values, to straight the askew?
We stand today with a mission to fill –
A new generation with values instill.

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Kneel to Pray, Sit to Ponder, Stand to Praise

Think it Over
by Felix A. Lorenz, Jr.


Jefferson was called a visionary. So were Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and just about everyone else who ever amounted to anything. But their “visions” became reality. Their dreams became real. Their doubts became reassurance. Their theories became reason.

“Hitch your wagon to a star,
Hold your seat and there you are!”

Accomplishments like these come from firm faith, not feeble feeling. They kept their eyes on the goal to be reached – their stars.

I’ve never tried it, but they say that by getting into a well, one may see the stars during the day. Which reminds us that one must often go to the bottom of things to get to the top.

Stars are the windows of heaven – windows which in this case let the light out.

There are 6000 stars visible to the human eye – so they say. Frankly, I only counted 5998!!!

Seriously, if you want to become a star, you have to shoot high.

“Two men looked through prison bars –
One saw mud; the other, stars.”

What you see, or become, is determined by the direction you look, for that’s the direction you go.

THINK it over…

“He is not only idle who does nothing, but he is idle who might be better employed.” – Socrates

Horse Sense – that which keeps a horse from betting on a man

A little nonsense now and then,
Is relished by the best of men;
But a barb of truth, to be a gem,
Must point to everyone but them.

Horse Sense – Stable Thinking

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A Stones Throw… is published in the basement of a peaceful little cottage on the south bank of historic Stones River, 12 miles east of downtown Nashville, by

Felix A. Lorenz, Jr.
Nashville, Tenn.

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