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Flight of Ideas
by Helen Rozmus
Winter Park, FL

A breakthrough with a flight of ideas. Learning: (a) The gift of unconditional love, (b) Do for others without any expectancy of favors returned, (c) Waste of time trying to figure out the “whys” in others lives. Instead: Let go, let God guide you on this journey of life. What would you like to be remembered for? Try a little harder not to have the desire to control anyone’s life but your own. Surely with daily prayers and trust in Him peace will enter within. You will know this peace when your words, deeds and actions are unselfish. Why dwell on what do I want? Rather, THINK what can I do in my small little ways to bring joy and peace to others?

Paper Towels
by Flora McKinney Hefti
Pasadena, CA

For a long time I did not know where to put paper towels in my small kitchen. Finally put them into a top drawer with the end hanging out. Knives, forks and spoons went into tall glasses on the counter. Plastic holder is now by TV with yarn, hooks, scissors, and other sewing tools. One problem solved in the kitchen and another in the workroom in a few minutes. Ideas are all around us and we learn to tune in on them.

by Maurice Osborn
Grand Ledge, MI
Published in Silver Wings 1987

It’s nice to feel the gratitude
Welling warm within the heart,
And have the proper attitude
That Thanksgiving should impart.

To say a “thank-you” prayer to Him
Who always is bestowing, …
And fills our cup beyond the brim
With blessings overflowing.

But… predicting how one might feel
Or the words of each to pray,
Are determined best before the meal
On this… Thanksgiving Day!

by Maurice Osborn
Grand Ledge, MI

Beneath the canopy of sky and blue
Mary beheld the mountain peaks and such,
Splendorously arrayed before her view
In colors of the Master’s autumn touch.

Thoughts in Rhyme
by Rosabel White Boyd
Athens, TN

There is no top step
To the stairs of life,
We just keep going up,
The higher we go,
The less we know,
For we cannot fill Life’s cup.

Thanksgiving Day, 1988

To each of you, wherever you spend Thanksgiving, may God Bless you with health, thankful hearts, and happiness. Yarberries wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving Day 1988…

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