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Have you ever wanted some kind of spot or illustration to relieve plain pages of type? Not many amateur printers dare attempt even crude linoleum blocks – to say nothing of woodcuts like this masterful “H” by the artist John DePol. But simple tintblocks can add umph to your typographic efforts.

This pizzicato paper purports to be nothing more than an experiment with various methods of achieving tints of a rose magenta (Rabbit purple, that is) ink.

*Librarians and other wastepaper & stringsavers may insert this leaflet properly in a file of Weaker Moments as No. 156.

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Some Textures

RECTANGLES on these pages were printed from front (top) and back (bottom) of a rough cloth wiper.

The birds: a zine cut printed thru a piece of pants-pocket cloth stretched between gripper bars; facing them is a piece of undershirt with edge-seam, touching a bit of fine rubber sponge. The oval is cut from sandpaper.

Pages 1 & 4 (top) are bookbinders cloth (masthead: leather grain; back, canvas) cut & mounted on cardboard & then again on blocking wood to make for proper inking. Bottom p. 4 is a chunk of weathered old roughcut wood.

For wood base: remove metal from useless old cuts. halftones, or electros (banging flat on the floor will pop loose any nails); then glue or stretch cloth or some other textured material across it. to be held snug by furniture.

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One Hundred Sixty Copies
Issued by Ralph W. Babcock from Skyline Bend Farm before Labor Day

Here’s ATF’s New “Ad Lib”
Six Big Devils from Japan
Quickly Forgot
How to Waltz on Monday!

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