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A Boy’s Eye View of a New Book

The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore
Reviewed by Newby Crowell.

One of the most powerful stories of weird and horrible fiction ever written. It makes one’s hair stand on end, cold shivers play up and down one’s spine. It makes one glad that no such creatures exist or we hope they don’t. The author makes his plot so plausible and well drawn that we find ourselves believing that such things could happen. The story is based upon the theory that people can change into wolves at times. It was supposed to be a disease and couldn’t be cured, but the victim lived to make his and other people’s lives unhappy. He goes out at night, springs upon unwary travelers kills them and drinks their blood. He is a sort of vampire except that he can be killed by ordinary means. Every page is filled with action, mystery and horror. What a thriller this would be for a talkie.

A College Boy’s Theme-Psalm

The grade of 70 is my salvation; I shall not flunk.
It maketh me to write home in joyous passages;
It leadeth me to the talking pictures;
It restoreth my goal.
It guideth me in the path of extra curricular activities for my grades sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of failure;
I fear no writ; for thou art with me.
The letters from home they comfort me.
Thou preparest an exam before me in the midst of my confusion;
Thou anointest my head withal, my head runneth over.
Surely themes, theories, and examinations shall follow me the rest of the days of my life;
And I shall dwell in the institution for the insane forever.

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Q: What color do you suggest June brides?
A: It’s all a matter of taste. Personally I’d prefer a white one.

Hope Hampton, the film actress, is the owner of the world’s smallest dog, which, although full grown, weighs only seventeen ounces.

Society Noose
by “Cooter” Walton

The baseball fans of this section will be pleased to learn that Lefty McDade is making good on the varsity team at Sing-Sing.

Dick Dugan received the shock of his life as he was calmly resting in a chair at the State Penitentiary last Monday morning.

Squat Fergeson was entertained at a house-warming Friday by the Tenth Street Gang. The walls were cleverly decorated by bullet holes. Before the evening was over the Police Dept. was called out to quiet the disturbance.

Bad-Eye Johnson, formally of the East Side, is now spending a few years vacation at his Winter Quarters, Cell 2570, Sing-Sing.

Spike Murphy will be at home to guests between four and five tomorrow in Death Row, State Penitentiary. His friends are planning a surprise farewell party.

Lost, Found, Etc.

Lost: Pearl handle gat, shoots .32, between 6th & Parker St. Finder return to Pie-Face Malone at The Killa Koppa Club.

Revue de Bevo
The Editor’s Personal Page

Sunapee Echoes – A neat magazine, but too much poetry in this issue. Not as good as the former issue.

The Enterprise – An excellent magazine from Babcock. We like your editing and your reviews.

My Pal – Many items, but not so much of anything.

The Mountainer – This issue is too serious, needs more humor.

The Ohioan – The Spring number of this excellent magazine has many interesting items in it. Keep up the good work.

Granite State News – Say, Hanson, do you ever have any fair weather up that way? A neat little magazine.

The Flying Quill – The May number is a great improvement over the former issues. Your reviews are good. Keep it up.

The Morning Glory – An interesting account of your experiences as a printer.

Leisure Hours – A good poem by Kuntz.

The Manettism – Another good one from C. W. Walton.

The Red Rooster’s reviews are fine.

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“I hear that Goofus had an awful dream the other night.”

“What was it?”

“He dreamed that he was eating shredded wheat, and when he woke up half the mattress was gone.”

An Amateur Magazine edited and printed occasionally by Bevan Williams at Monroe, N. C.

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