Reader's Buffet - Number 37, November 1981 - Page 1
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Lino-block Print by Henry J. Jolly

Autumn’s Bounty
by Lea Palmer

Autumn means anticipation with its moods of mystery, a hint of a wholly new direction. This is the time when the gentle tip of cooler weather haunts the days moving towards fall. The shadows lengthen, the days shorten, fields show brown in slanted sun.

It is a season of high color, scarlet and yellow leaves, clear blue skies and curling woodsmoke. Stacked cornstalks begin to appear and with a little imagination one can see the ghost of autumn-colored indian tepees in the field. The last of the apples hang to a branch, afraid to let go.

Blackberries dangle like rich jewels on arched branches, trees holding their leaves in a last green embrace. Oregon grape changing from verdant green to brilliant scarlet, the splash of red geraniums add their own particular touch to the mellow enchanted atmosphere.

September is the time for contemplation – the touch and smell of fall brings a quietness of the soul. A one-ness with nature, a thankfulness for our blessings and for the joys the new season brings.

Reader's Buffet - Number 37, November 1981 - Page 2 and 3
Page 2 and 3

by Martha E. Shivvers

There must be some laughter,
There must be some pain,
There must be some sunshine
To be followed by the rain.
And then there is the joy
As we experience birth
Which must compensate the sorrow
Of those loved ones called from earth.
Oh, yes, there will be pleasures
To be reaped from here and there;
And there will be the burdens
We must help some others share.
Sometimes we may be thoughtless
And complain about our lot.
We might think our neighbor richer
And covet what he has got.
But when we count our blessings,
Omitting not a single one,
We will find that life in general
Has had its share of fun.

Little, Like Me
by Martha E. Shivvers

I live in a big, big world
With big people and things around.
You can read up to the top,
But I just touch the ground.

You scold me when I don’t understand
What you want me to do or say.
Can’t you remember when you were small
And were always in the way?

Reader's Buffet - Number 37, November 1981 - Page 4
Page 4

Reader’s Buffet, printed and published at

Dogwood Hobby Press
Burnaby, B.C., Canada. V5A 1E5
Henry J. Jolly, Prop.

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