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Three poems by Marietta Wooters:


Shadows of the eventide
Break through my little world.

My work day is done
Upon the rug I curl.

I sit with pen in hand
And write of things I love

Like the grassy hills
And the blue sky above.

After day is done
I lay me down to rest
And feel that
I am blest.

Rainy Day Thoughts

Trickling down like teardrops
Comes the rain.

Visions of rainbows dance in my head
And like a wild deer
I dance in the rain.

The rain makes a strange lullaby
For my ears but
One that I have grown to love.

Rainbow comes after the rain is over.

My eyes gleam with delight
And wonder and I smile

As the clouds part and show
The splendor of the sky.


Friends are not afraid to touch hands,
Smile at each other,
Share secrets and be dependable.

Friends are not afraid to call
Up each other just to say hello.

Friends are beautiful.
Friends are true and special.
Friends are people like you.

Three poems by Max S. Barker:

Speedboat Jockey Envy

The speedboat captain
Whizzes past
With whirling wake
And shaking mast.

He has the feel
Of special joys,
Like wave-top danger,
Skis and noise.

I do not need
That bouncing thrill,
Or want to change
A surf-board spill.

But what I envy
Most is curls
Upon those bare
Bikini girls.


Mountain sunrise,
Tourist lens and eyes focusing:
Old Indian… scowling.

The Chain!

Candles burn in church
Reminding me of love ones
Who live on in me.

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Random Thoughts by David Tharp, Greensboro, Maryland 21639
Printed at The Blue Willow Press, Edgerton, Wisconsin 53534

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