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ONE RECENT EVENING the selection of a name for my NAPA publication was discussed. The nearly unanimous opinion was that is should be “Out Of My Bag,” since I had been engaged in the practice of medicine for forty years prior to my retirement seven years ago. My reluctance to accept this title stemmed less from the fact that my memory for anecdotes is poor; that can be compensated for by confabulation, than for the following true story.

The doctor with whom I was associated when I started in practice took his grandson, Steve, with him one Sunday morning on his rounds.

Grandpa’ was one of the first to adopt a new smaller instrument case rather than carry the huge overnight size case. Steven noticed this at once and asked. “Grandpa’, why is your bag so much smaller than the other doctors?” Grandpa’ answered. “Steve, the more you carry in your head, the less you have to carry around in a bag.”

I can only hope that there is more than enough in my head to compensate for the tiny bag I carried so many years!

Written and published for the NAPA by Bertha M. Levy, M.D., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118.
The printing is by Robert Orbach.

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