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Cincinnati Clambake

THE QUEEN CITY, CINCINNATI, hosted the 104th National Amateur Press Association Convention with all the fanfare, cool aplomb, and enthusiasm that anyone could handily want. The attendance was very good in spite of the gasoline shortage, but the weather was something else. It varied from cool and damp to steamy and hot, with a crackerjack of a thunderstorm tossed in as a bonus.

While visiting my folks in Pennsylvania I conned my sister, Beatrice, into accompanying me to the Convention. [Clarence was still in Arizona, scheduled to arrive on Sunday evening.] Arriving early, Bea and I spent an entire day visiting the Cincinnati Museum of Art, finding it to be outstanding and most enjoyable. We plan to return someday and “do” the second floor. Although it was raining, we drove around on a little self-guided tour and decided that we liked Cincinnati very much! That Riverfront Stadium is a sight to see.

Now to check in at the grand Stouffer’s Cincinnati Towers. We were lucky enough to be assigned to a room on the 25th floor. What a view! We could see the boats plying the beautiful Ohio River and a tremendous view of the city to the west. Had a shock when Channel 9’s helicopter whizzed alarmingly close to the window as it came in for a landing on the roof below, and the feeling of fright and awe of being “in the middle” of a mighty electrical storm, then later calmed by a beautiful display of fireworks off on the horizon.

Now it was time to meander down to the lobby to look for familiar faces. First we saw Gale Sheldon, followed a little later by Hyman Bradofsky. California was to be well represented in quality if not quantity. Elaine Peck, Virginia Baker, & Rhoda Werner then arrived. The latter two traveled from Salt Lake City via Greyhound bus. Rhoda was distressed because her luggage did not arrive when she did, but after a flurry of telephone calls it was found intact.

For a couple of hours I kept out of mischief by assisting the official register, Ruth Hill, to distribute name tags, programs, etc. The auction was held Sunday night with John Gillick calling the shots.

One of the very nice aspects of the hotel was a restaurant, L’Umbrella, which remained open all the time, providing a great spot for congregating in little groups after the sessions were over, to sit, talk and eat. Bernice Spink, Irene & Ernie Witte, & Helen & Warren Rosenberger joined in these gatherings too. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with Ann and Guy Miller; also meeting for the first time, Sandy Burns and Arie Koelewyn, representing the younger generation. But missed David Warner and his intended Melody. No convention would be complete without the Warners, Wessons, Ficks, Boys, Segals, Keffers, Lewises, Dr. Tom, and book lady Edith Dornbirer.

The election of officers was spirited and most interesting. It’s good to have competitive elections. Fellow Arizonan Louise Lincoln nominated Clarence for President and graciously escorted him to be installed after a close race. Other officers were elected and then the city of Denver was chosen as the 1980 convention site.

The food at both the Fossil Luncheon and the Convention Banquet was very good and we hope that Dick Fleming got some good pix of the latter. Earlier, Tillie and Bill Haywood and Bea and I had a delicious Sunday Brunch in the revolving restaurant on the 32nd floor of the hotel. We stayed the entire hour & 15 minutes, the time required for a complete revolution. The view was terrific in all directions.

All too soon another Convention was over, and we reluctantly headed back to Pennsylvania. After a couple of weeks I returned home to Arizona and Clarence went to Akron to attend the APA Wayzgoose, arriving home on July 22nd to begin his presidential duties.

We hope that those of you who expect to travel in the Southwest this year will come visit us, maybe set a little type and enjoy some good fellowship. – MWP

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This is my 13th journal. Unlucky? Not as far as I’m concerned, for I consider myself very lucky to have been elected President of NAPA.

Is it time to resurrect the nominating committee procedure? Can anyone enlighten me as to the effectiveness of prior committees? They were before my time. As Dean Martin used to say, “Please keep those cards and letters coming, folks!”


Page 2, line 14, the “s” is inverted. [Bet you missed it!] Sixth line from the bottom, the “atd” should be spelled: “and.”


At one time I heard something said about a NAPA pin. I happened to mention it to Bill Haywood at Cincinnati, and discovered that not only did he have one to show me, he also has the die from which they are manufactured. Would anyone like one? If there is sufficient interest, perhaps we could have a number of them made up. Let me know.

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Flag is Shadow, dateline is Garamond Italic, heads are Brush, and body type is Garamond. Hand set and hand fed to a 7 x 11 Pearl at The Oasis Press of Clarence and Millicent Prowell, in Sun City, Arizona, 85351.

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