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Ohio Amateur Press Guild
August 1, 1987

CAN it be a year since Buckeye amateurs got together? Almost; we are a day earlier this year. The major news is the appearance of three new members. We hope to see them become active participants in the hobby.

Walt Long picked up new member Don Leatherman in Medina, where Don operates the North Court Press. You have already seen his Random Wind in the bundles.

Sally Louise and Mike Phillips drove the farthest (147 miles) from Findlay. They publish The Printer, a monthly journal for letterpress printers. We involved Sally in the joys of hand composition, as you will see. Mike brought along copies of the paper and two owl engravings for the Haywoods, as well as produce from their garden. Here’s Mike:

Hand-spiking at the case sans copy presents no problem as long as the missive last no more than a few lines. Bill says this piece will be distributed by bundle and I am chagrined all to hell that nothing more creative can be set.

And here’s Sally:

There once was a printer from Findlay,
Who became depressed each Friday,
So he searched for a wife,
The love of his life,
And found a sassy old dingbat named

Joe Curran was in for congratulations again, but this time it was for his recent election as president of The Fossils. He plans to attend the AAPA convention in Spokane, which should be cooler than it is in Ohio this summer.

This time Bob Hill brought Ruth along, doubling our pleasure. The Tuars couple is planning to sell the house in historic Ohio City and move to something smaller. They brought a dozen delicious bagels like the ones in Jersey we can’t get here.

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Jack Visser, too, has been moving. Since most of us had to ask him where Flushing is, he has moved 12 miles away to Cadiz. That’s Clark Gable’s birthplace, so it is much better known.

Our date conflicted again with the schedules of Ann and Guy Miller. They were packing for a trip to the Indian earthworks of Illinois.

Marge Clelland couldn’t make it, either, but sent along her greetings, too.

Kathie and Paul Haywood missed out on a lunch again, but dropped by at the end of the day. When Grandpa tried to persuade Kathie to set some type for this paper he was unsuccessful. But she did take time to set up a letterhead for some stationery – for her OTHER grandfather!

Mike Phillips thought the key we’ve been using to lock up forms didn’t match the Challenge Hi-Speed Quoins. Tuesday’s mail brought a genuine Challenge key. It works much better than the one we struggled with so long. Thanks, Mike.

Since Bill and Till were the only Ohioans to attend the convention, their Salt Lake City photos (by some miracle already in an album!) were viewed with interest by all. The furniture cabinet they bought at the auction, dusted and vacuumed, was in place in their cellar printery. A case of Weiss was ready.

Gary Bossler, of nearby Massillon, had stopped by during the last week in July to say he would attend, but couldn’t manage it at the last minute. Two of his seven children were in the Perry High band for the Hall of Fame parade, and Gary was trying to obtain tickets to the football game for his son in Buffalo. Mrs. Bossler was up at the lake, waiting for Gary to join her later this month, and Ford called him back to work. Things are always like this in a big family, so we were disappointed but not surprised that he couldn’t join us.

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This edition printed at the Private Press of the Haywoods, Alliance, Ohio 44601.

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