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Foreign Correspondent Added to Rhatt Phincke Staff

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO – In an effort to bring our readers more comprehensive coverage of ajay affairs, Rhatt Phincke Publications has added a distinguished foreign correspondent to its staff.

Victor A. Moitoret (Capt., USN, Ret.) has initialed a declaration of intent with this firm and as soon as details of travel expenses, per diem and entertainment allowances, and size of staff have been ironed out, he will sign a long term contract.

Moitoret’s by-line has appeared in such rabble rousing publications as Cemetery Rabbit, Salvo!, APC News, and National Amateur. His pungent writing style has raised ajay hackles for many years.

Ostensibly employed at the International Hydrographic Bureau in Monaco, Captain Moitoret is actually a CIA agent and had been instrumental in preventing the establishment of a People’s Republic in that country.

Max Rhatt, genial Chairman of the Board at Rhatt Phincke Publications, announced that Moitoret will cover assignments in Monaco, northern Italy, southern France and western New Jersey.

VAPA Help Needed

SALEM, VA. – Diane Frost, niece of National Calamity editor Fred Liddle, has enrolled at Roanoke College here. The editor requests his friends in the Virginia Amateur Printers Association to be sure no harm befalls Diane while she’s far from home. Her uncle doesn’t trust those communist professors at all.

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