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New Paper Welcomed

WE HAVE BEEN INUNDATED with mail since the first issue of this flimsie appeared in the April bundle. As a manifestation of our happiness, we share the following quotes from the letters with you, our faithful readers.

Harold Segal – Hazel and I think your new paper is just great. We used our copies to blot up some spilled beer.

Bill Haywood – Please don’t bother to submit a page for next year’s edition of It’s a Small World.

Tilly Haywood – Please put out that cigarette!

John Gillick – Please turn in your membership card.

Jake Warner – I think you must be a CIA agent or something.

Louise Lincoln – Your check bounced.

Marge Clelland – Personal friendship prevents me from carrying out my duties as Chief Critic.

Bill Boys – Why don’t you try poetry?

Tom Whitbread – Please don’t!

Verle Heljeson – I hope you don’t plan to publish a paper like that in AAPA. After all, we have young children reading our bundles.

Victor Moitoret – If you must use my name in your lousy rag, please spell it correctly.

Roy Lindberg – Would you like to buy a good used mimeograph machine?

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Lee Hawes – Your name has been removed from the Gator Growl mailing list.

J. Ed Newman – It’s Yankees like you that make me wonder how the South lost the War Between the States.

I. M. Greedy – Thanks for plugging Petaluma in your paper. A check for services rendered is enclosed.

Ramon Meyer – We had some trouble with the postal authorities over your paper. Please me more discreet in the future.

Les Boyer – I’m happy to see you are getting more active in the National. I presume you won’t have as much time for AAPA now… I hope.

Warren Rosenberger – I’m sorry but I can’t use your 1000 word article.

Ann Vrooman – I don’t care what you say Whitbread promised, I don’t intend to publish that kind of garbage in National Amateur. Your manuscript has been destroyed.

Alf Babcock – I liked The Rhatt Race better than this crummy sheet.

Helen Wesson – I think you should include items about AAPA in your new paper.

Sheldon C. Wesson – Under no circumstances will I run on the same ticket as that dirty, (Continued on page 23)

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This 24 page, deckle-edged, deluxe journal is published and printed by Fred Liddle, Floral Park, N. Y. 11001 in an effort to fatten the admittedly skinny NAPA bundle.

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