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New Members?

A funny thing happened on the way to the quorum. At the side of a rainy street your editor picked up three jolly printers. Knowing in advance that Gale Sheldon and his charming wife, Ruth, are always opening their home to Ajay-ers, I suggested the three come with Carl and me to an impromptu print-together – however since it’s rumored that the ADO challenge is a joint effort here, we wanted to do all we could for the president.

Yes! – We turned them loose in the print shop and came up with the following three pages. They were assisted by Glenn Engebretsen, Gale Sheldon, Ed Fielding and generous helpings of shiska-bob, other delicacies and gallons of hot coffee.

So take a long look at NAPA’s future pictured above, and remember we’ll all be together in Philly in ‘76, God-willing, and the price of travel lowered as promised. Ha!

P. S. If you don’t like the picture, blame it on an old engraver right in step with the times. His latest art contribution will feature a stamp-size nude lady as a centerfold to something. Watch out, Heffner!

A. V. (Wood block from and type set by Ed F.)

Local Interest Up – Zenz is Here!

Looking for type with the help of a chart and providence. Drove Up. Genuine Wooden, and very big but warm house. Gale is, was, from Idaho. Ruth from North Dakota. Both snow places. Glenn was a pleasure to meet; in fact he gave me an airplane. Man, Gale’s 6 by 10 is fun. Jh. Zenz

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El Cajon or Bust…

It used to be the noble mailman who braved the wildest onslaughts nature often bestows upon us, but the new champs are the amateur journalists who tackle any kind of weather in order to get together and amateur journalize. Which we are happily doing at the lovely home of the Gale Sheldons in enchanting El Cajon. The Vroomans battled storms and bewildered traffic coming from the north; the Fieldings struggled through raindrenched avenues coming from the west, and the Engebretsens plowed through a little snow and much sleet coming from the east after a desert vacation. But get here they did, and NAPA got a thorough going over. I am pleased to report that it rated A-OK. – G.E.

What to do?

What is it like to be an a-jay wife? I have been one for a year now and I’ll say firstly: it is a challenge. Shall I offer to help or just lurk in the background? Should I join NAPA too or shall I let him sink or swim all by himself? Do look for the denouement of this perplexing problem in a future issue of Galley West (if ever I write it and if the publisher deigns to print it!) – Sally E.

A ‘Sparement in L. A.

We heerd tel they’s sum honust aJayns up L. A. way who thunked up a noo way uv puttin out a amachoor papur. ‘S calld lithoo– er, off-set, er sumpin. Ennyway they’s a bunch uv peepul who think they kin rite a paje of reel good stuff apeece n then ship it to the Kernel who wil see thet it gets phoote – whachacallit n then sumbuddy wil print a covr the regular way n tack the hull thing togather n they’ll mail it off sumwher to sum folk who dunt no the diffruns n wil think its reel printin n ritin. Mebbe we’re gonna hav sum compytishun. We’ll waitnsee. (Note to Hillbilly Jed: Sum ov usns cum frum pritty fur bak n the hills, to.) – Idaho Ike

Move over, Las Vegas – Teaching Lucy Fielding, Pat Zenz, and Ruth S. to play poker, son Dale got exasperated looks from mom as he raked in all the chips!

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A Second Issue

Inspired by the holiday visits to San Diego – land of NA Editor Ann Vrooman and Galley West’s Glenn Engebretsen, I called the local talent and we made it a party. This number has been set by all hands except Ann, who was pressed into duty as editor (actually, she pies type in backshops). It was again printed at the Sheldon Private Press, El Cajon, California 92020.

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