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The Song Eternal
by Louise Weibert Sutton

Descending down a midnight sky of stars,
Great angels singing Hallelulias came,
Their glow expanding as they formed wide bars
Across the sky, and “Glory to His Name”
Resounded from white choirs which filled the air,
Celestial lyrics sent to ears below, there,
Toward shepherds who with flocks had gathered
Who fell to earth at such a blinding show!
“Fear not… fear not!” How sweet the blessed sound
As holy voices joined in one accord:
“Tonight is born the One whom grace has crowned,
Your everlasting Savior, King and Lord!”
And lo, though ages pass like garnered gold,
Each year earth hears again that song of old!

I Claim
by Stella Craft Tremble

Though hurricane uproot the trees,
Though rain beat from on high,
I claim the beauty left behind:
The rainbow in the sky.
Though sorrow leave her calling card,
Though death pass me not by,
I claim the love bestowed on me
That pins stars in my sky.

No More Alohas
by Mary E. Graves

From far away places we came
On a collision course to meet.
But on Cupid we put the blame
And for us our lives seemed complete.

I soon learned your love for the sea
Would separate us through the years.
Come sail home to stay so there’ll be
No more alohas, no more tears.

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Some Days
by H. Maria Rowe

Some days are just too beautiful
For a mortal, to take in
They seem to have a special shine
Like tinsel upon tin.

So much to make a heart be glad
The things there are to see
For the many different sounds
And scents, that are for free.

Some days seem almost too much
For the likes of you and me,
Best shore them up, a memory hoard
‘Gangst frugal ones to be.

Fruit For A Poet
by John A. Kriebel

Half-eaten apple
Hangs above the barren tree:
White fruit of the sky.

I Think That God Is Overjoyed To Hear
by Laurence E. Estes

I think that God is overjoyed to hear
The voices of the brave who calmly call
On men with joyous word of hope and cheer,
And lift a hand to voyagers that fall.
To spend a bit of life for other’s needs,
To help where help is seldom known,
To cut away the old and clogging weeds,
To walk refreshed where cooling winds have blown.

How God must revel when He hears each voice
And walking in His garden in the night
Smiling, His very being must rejoice;
That somewhere in the land there is a light.
I think that God is overjoyed to hear
All kindly words of men with hope and cheer!

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Napa-rays is published by Ray Allen Albert
Blacksburg, Va. 24060
Manuscript courtesy of the Manuscript Bureau.

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