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Hello again,

I enjoyed putting together the first Mosaics I could hardly wait to begin the second issue. I hope to make it a monthly issue, unless my work interferes with my “play.” I do so enjoy writing it does actually seem like play – not that it isn’t a good deal of work – but that kind of work I enjoy.

I would like to retract my offer to do mailers for the other members of UAP because I’ve learned there is another member who does mailers at a much better price. I don’t wish to compete with her.

I’ve got four poems to share with you.

Again, thanks for listening.


Mosaics on the Wall
by Michele Tillapaugh

Messages in motion, set a whirling as they
Go, orbiting my mind.

Words of song and music,
Merging now for me to find.

Words that form mosaics,
Like a vision upon a wall –
Become a tapestry of verse now
From within me fall.

Bits and pieces,
Words and thoughts,
Mingling to form phrases

Awaiting me to
Set the rhyme and
Write of love in praises.

Words turn into molded sentences, both
Long ones and the small as
My mind becomes an idea storehouse,
Now at my beck and call.

Haiku by Michele Tillapaugh

Dewdrops; like diamonds,
dancing on Daisies, makes a
delightful display.

Never Again
Limerick by Michele Tillapaugh

I once went for a Roller Coaster
I felt secure with him at my side
When over that first hill
I was certain we’d spill
So now from the Coaster, I hide!

by Michele Tillapaugh

All alone –
Above the ocean,

The Golden Globe arises;
Across the horizon,

A single, brilliant light
Glows against the skyline,

Reflecting through the tide.

It sprinkles warmth
Bringing beauty

Across the sandy beaches.

Omnipresent Love and Warmth
Can be Seen and Felt.

GOD has arisen for the day.

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One last thing as I close, I’d like to sponsor a contest, and if it’s successful I’d like to continue it for the other 3 seasons. The rules are as follows. I look forward to receiving your entries.

Contest – Poetry

1. Any form – subject to “Summer” – 16 line limit.
2. Name and address in upper left corner.
3. “Summer Contest” in upper right corner.
4. Copy may be handwritten – please be sure it is readable.
5. SASE if you wish to have your poem returned.
6. Limit of 2 entries per person.
7. 50¢ fee per poem.
8. In-hand deadline August 1, 1977
9. Winners will be announced and printed in October issue of Mosaics.

1st Prize – 60% of fees collected, or $3.00 whichever is greater.
2nd Prize – 25% of fees collected, or $2.00 whichever is greater.
3rd Prize – 15% of fees collected, or $1.00 whichever is greater.

A complete list of entrants will be provided anyone inquiring with SASE.

Mail entries to: Michele Tillapaugh – Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

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