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by Remelda Gibson

Remarkably appealing
With large brown eyes and dark brown hair
Little Kelly continues stealing
Praise from people everywhere.

Delightfully play-loving;
Without a care to trouble him,
Clever Kelly keeps on shoving
Woes aside to please a whim.

by Billie Scott Collins

I wander around
In a state of loss
Wondering what to do
With the hours I used to
Spend – writing to you.

My World
by Lila B. Elton

I have stood beside a waterfall
And felt the spray upon my face
Wash away the weariness and restore
My soul to a state of grace.

Many times I’ve walked through woodlands
While the shadows grow deep and long
Listening to the feathered friends
Singing their evening songs.

I’ve watched the setting of the sun
When it seems to be dropping into the sea
Casting its gold and scarlet fingers
Across the rippling waters to me.

When the dark of night enfolds me
And fragrance of honeysuckle fills the air
I feel a yearning to reach out past the stars
And find the secrets of the mysteries hidden there.

A Mother’s Love
by Ree Shaver

A mother’s love takes many forms…
Caress, cajole, a curt command;
Heartaches, tears, fret, faith and prayer…
All are meant to protect her clan.

by Max S. Barker

When sleeping puppy
curls around a sunbeam found,
the warm keeps moving

Priceless Treasure
by Remelda Gibson

A treasure holds a valued place
In the mind of a man.
It formulates a plan
To accumulate things of grace.
Equaled to jewelry
It is especially
Grand when shared with the human race.

by Lucy Ellen Eaton
(Ecc. 12:5) (A Solomette)

THE lone pedestrian on darkened
STREET… frail and feeble… who
IS prey to slinking prowlers
FULL of mischief and malice
OF evil intent – victims of those
TERRORS they inflict.

by Flora McKinney Hefti

We had three girls. The first one was five before I decided to increase the family. She wanted a baby brother so he could pull her in the red wagon, Dad wanted a son so he could be the crown prince as he was for his Swiss father. But I thought girls should be sisters and share the same room and use the same clothes and all that. The second girl was like her dad in many ways and became the one who liked horses and games and jeans. She did not care for housework but everybody had to do chores and she learned… When the next girl arrived we gave up and she turned out to be the best baby with no special attention paid to her. She tried to keep up with the older girls and would not sit in the high chair when her eyes could just see over the table top. We loved all of them but for different reasons. Each one was so different in tastes and talents and they all were allowed to choose the chores they liked best. I ended up doing the dishes but that was okay because I like to work in the kitchen once a day to check up on food and supplies and plan the shopping. To this day the girls are good homemakers, cooks and artistic in many ways.

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Mimeo-Rays published for the United Amateur Press
Ray Allen Albert, Blacksburg, Virginia 24060

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