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– I haven’t seen you for a long, long time, but I’m back again for my third appearance in the A.A.P.A. bundle….

Editor’s Lament

HOW OFTEN have you heard this familiar phrase: “I’ve been intending to publish another amateur journal for some time, but just haven’t found time until now.” All I can say for myself is ‘ditto!’ It has been nearly two years since the last Michigander appeared in the A.A.P.A. bundle. I feel that I do owe an apology to those who wrote encouragement when my first journal was mimeod. People like Lee Hawes, Johnny Vaglienti, Stan Buchanan, Larry Notman, and countless others did much to make me welcome in the A.A.P.A.

I hope to publish the Michigander more often, but from past experience, I will make no rash promises. All comments you wish to make are very Welcome (with a capital “W!”) I’ll endeavor to answer all those who take the trouble to write me.

* * * *

Wot Happoned?’

TO the ‘Kartoon Kontest’ sponsored by the Michigander a l o o o n g time ago? The entries are on file for future use.

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How Lucky We Are!
by Nancy Smith

BECAUSE THIS world is moving so fast we seldom stop to realize how lucky each of us is. There’s so much talk about atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, and all the new devices being perfected that we just don’t stop and think about things and happenings in our everyday life. Sometimes when we read the newspaper or see a show, we have to wonder if something isn’t lacking – the appreciation of the things and people around us. Every little incident is magnified when we try to list the few important things to us. Imagine how we would suffer if our Mother’s understanding and guidance weren’t with us every second; if our Father wasn’t thoughtful when we felt blue or depressed; if the friendly hello our classmates and chums greeted us with in the morning wasn’t there; and most important if we didn’t have that feeling of peace and assurance. Why don’t people write more books and articles on how we can appreciate the things and people around us? Isn’t that really what keeps so many people living together and enjoying it, too?

A man once wrote, “Peace on earth, good will toward man.” I wonder if we are doing our small part to keep that phrase alive.

If we ever feel blue and want something to lift our spirits, we should go outdoors and look into our house where our family is sitting; and we will feel so good when we again join them, realizing how lucky we are to be a part of it.

by Jo Ann Franklin

Blue wind is sweeping.
While snow is creeping.
Filling up all the nooks
And crooks.

Soft snow has hovered
And silently covered
All the ground

Nature in its direction
Has covered imperfection.

* * * *

The selections on page 3 are contributions made by two students of the Plainwell High School English 12 class.

Mostly Funny (?)
(Yes, we COPY-right!)

It takes a lot of jack to keep a car up.

Restaurants keep cutting pie smaller and smaller. What this country needs is a minimum-wedge law.

Well, anyway, 1950 finds a lot of people coming to their census.

Character is what you are – reputation is what you get caught at.

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The Michigander is edited, printed, and published occasionally by Donald E. Boysen at Plainwell, Michigan. All comments are welcome.

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