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Horde Greases Skids for Departing Boyers

From all quarters of the Metropolitan area they came – AAPAns bemoaning the imminent departure for Houston of the Boyer family.

Guest of honor Les Boyer has used Kennerley as body type in his beloved Echo for more than 20 years. We wish him Godspeed in this Monotype Kennerley from the cases of Sheldon C. Whatsisname.

The Masked Marvel

The Games People (and Kids) Play
by Sue Branch

Downstairs at the Wesson house the kids, Jimmy Branch, Brian and Craig Boyer, are playing Pa-chin-ko, a Japanese pinball game. This game is played with marbles. The object is to get the marbles into the little hole and it’s very nerve-wracking. Not only that but noisy too.

The Kingmakers

IN A SMOKE FILLED ROOM at the Wesson-Hilton in downtown Glen Ridge, the Metchaps are meeting once more. Who will pluck the political plums? Be sure to follow these pages for in-depth coverage of the latest AAPA political intrigue. – FJL

Secretary Roger Ralphe has reported that there is no registered candidate for President, but the following have filed for office:

1st V.P.: Les Boyer, George Henry Kay; 2nd V.P.: Fred Liddle; Secretary: Roger Ralphe; Treasurer: Merlin F. Teed; Mailer: Joe Adams Jr.; Editor: Elliott Ruben; Manuscript Manager: Steve Boerner, John Bukacek, Lenore Sabota; Director: Grady Graham, Leland Hawes, Rod Ideker, Bernard Schumacher, Pamela Wesson.

Present were, of course, Eliane, Les, Brian and Craig Boyer; Betty, Fred and Ginny Liddle; Dick, Jimmy and Sue Branch; Merlin and Stephen Teed; Roy Lindberg; Mark Peters, Helen, Sheldon C., Sheldon P. and Pam Wesson; Loretta and Elliott Ruben; Jane Shaw; Bill Shubert; Gail, Wes and Sue Wise; Tillie and Bill Haywood. Set by Steve Teed

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Printed at Glen Ridge, N.J. on the Wessons’ new 10×15 C&P.
Boyers’ address: Houston, TX 77024

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