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Group Calisthenics Set For AAPA Convention

In this era of growing demands upon the physical and emotional resources of all Americans, it behooves each of us to do his best to build himself up – to build those resources of strength so that they may be called upon in times of crisis.

Recognizing this fact, the AAPA Convention Committee has devised a group calisthenics session which will do both: Will build better bodies for America and will call upon resources of energy simultaneously. It will draw upon emotional resources, too.

And that ain’t easy.

The calisthenics session will immediately precede the visit on Saturday morning to the Library of Amateur Journalism, at the Special Collections Division of the New York University Library. That division is on the Fifth Floor of 19 University Place. The building is normally closed on Saturdays in the summer, and August 31st is, fortuitously, the last Saturday of this summer. Dr. Theodore Grieder, director of the Division, has arranged for the building to be opened for AAPA Convention delegates. However, it is not possible to arrange for elevator service.

The calisthenics session will consist of climbing four flights of stairs. Between the third and fifth floors, participants are invited to give expression, verbally, to their emotions, as well.

But it’ll be worth it, to visit the extraordinary collection of amateur journals dating back to the earliest years of the hobby in the 18th century.

Dr. and Mrs. Grieder will be guests of the convention at the banquet.

Directions: Walk from hotel two blocks West to Lexington Ave. Subway. Take downtown local train to Astor Place station (10 minutes). Walk four blocks. Ask directions to 19 University Place. – SCW

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I Married an Amateur!

But She Turned Out To Be a Professional!

End of Story

Taking a tip from movie fan magazines and scandal sheets, we have come up with these scareheads:

He Was Just My Type in the Nick of Time!

He Gave Me a Good Chase!

He Held the Key to My Form!

We Tried Out All The Furniture!

My Bodkin Is Bent, but My Stick Is True!

I Held a Job in California, What a Case!

He Had My Form in the Galley!

The Tornado in the Back Seat

This combined orgy was supposed to sponsor a side trip to the beach. Naturally, as soon as the Wessons and the Grovemans arrived simultaneously, they brought a fierce thunderstorm with them. And by that I don’t mean Mac, the fox terror, who came with the Wessons in the back seat.


Harold Segal has just offered to accept the American into the National, with a new name, NAAPA. Wise accepts.

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On a Saturday Afternoon We Met

Attending are Les and Brian Boyer; Bill, Gerry, Helen, and Bernard Groveman; Sheldon C., Helen, Sheldon P., David and Pamela Wesson plus Mac the Knife; Wes, Gail and John Wise; Ralph Babcock; Harold, Hazel, Nancy, David, and Wendy Segal; John Roach; Jan Realmutt; Marc Leavitt; Dick, Betty, Suzann, and Jimmy Branch; Ted Cone; Barbara House; Jan, Holly, Curtis and Edwin Harler. Printing at the Twigs Press, Belford. And Suzanne Wise.

One could tell that it was the first visit of Barbara House to a printshop – she was wearing a white dress.

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