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The President a New Member?

I think that having a president who is new to the association is WRONG. Knowing very little of the past, present or future of the association is a great weakness of past presidents. Because of their scant knowledge and poor outlook on the association they gave very poor terms.

I think that a person with years of work and experience in the National has earned and far more deserves this office. It should be a RULE that in order to be nominated for the presidency the person must have served 5 years or more of good service in the National and by good service I mean publishing, editing, writing and showing real interest. Knowledge and experience is what we NEED. So –

The G.R.A. supports the TNT Ticket

Dots and Dashes *-*-*


Hello Mr. and Mrs. Amateur and all of you abroad – Let’s go to press.

The Pacific Coast Borax Co. sent the amateurs here each a small sample of Boraxo which cleans the inky hands before doing press work. Dogone it I’ve run out. Haywood says Cincinnati will be a swell place to take pictures. The popular photography bug is biting deep in the NAPA. Bill Haywood made his debut at Boston 37 with his Kodak Retina I. Alec Thomson had his Speed Graphic stolen out of his car several months ago. He had been taking a series of flash pictures the morgue and airport. Crane has a Graflex D. Robie is about to purchase a F2.5 Foth Derby. I am also looking for a better minicam myself. LOOK OUT Cincy conventioneers there will be flashes clicks and cameras in your face all the time. *-*—***—- – **-

Alec Thomson announces he will go to Chicago to get surgeons degree June 20. Are you going to Cincy after that Alec? . . * —***

—-. -** Pres. G. W. Macauley is now publishing a weekly paper for Hudsonville and Ottawa County called the Ottawa Times. A print shop was furnished at Hudsonville with a new 14×22 automatic press. -*-**-*

–*- Haywood say the next issue of Remarx will be enlarged to 4 and one half by 6 for he has a new 5 by 8 press. He also has some new Bernhard Gothic for body face. *–**

-**- — Snowhite Bernice McCarthy says the program for Cincy sure sounds good. I am eagerly looking forward to it. You know it’s almost here. –*** *

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The TNT Ticket

President – Felicitas C. Haggerty
Vice-Pres. – William Haywood
Secretary – Robert M. Dunlap
Treasurer – Robert Holman
Off. Editor – Elaine Jorgensen

Executive Judges

G. W. Macauley, Rheinhart Kliner, Anthony F. Moitoret.

Every paper printed at Haggerty’s goes through Mrs. Haggerty’s hands. She KNOWS the N.A.P.A.

Bond admits he is NOT qualified or well-informed.

Felicitas Haggerty is bond to make an excellent Pres.

In Small Packages
by William Haywood

Amateur journalism is a hobby that demands a lot of enthusiasm and work from its adherents. To publish a journal, to print one, or to even write for one takes a lot of time and painstaking effort. Often it is more difficult to produce a small paper than a large one. The editor of a large paper professionally printed is sent the cream of the manuscripts because of his paper’s size, and all he has to do in most cases, is to pile together and send to the printer. Rich praises are heaped on his big product, and his fame is spread the length of amateurdom.

The editor of a small paper printed by himself is more truly an amateur devoted to the hobby. His space, and therefore, contents are very limited, the printing takes time and effort, and often he has to write most of the material himself. Imagine his disappointment to have the lofty editors of big papers disparage his paper as a “Miniscule.” Can’t the little publisher get a larger press eventually, learn to improve the printing, get better manuscripts, and someday produce, on his own press, a fine print job and worthwhile literary production? I think he can, and I’m for the amateur with his hand press and a real love for his hobby. Sometime he’ll rule it!

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Hi Ho until Cincy – Chuck Macauley ED & PUB.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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