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Let’s Bail This Slob Out of the Fire”

As Rolfe Castleman revealed a $47.82 deficit in the official organ expenses he was questioned how this could be paid without creating a bad precedent for future officials who might exceed their budget.

Within minutes $54.50 was collected almost spontaneously, and he wound up the year with a $6 surplus.

Shame! Shame!

Photogs missed some choice pix – in the hotel print shop – of two people putting type in and one taking it out of the case at the same time.

Poetry Forum Highspot

Heard at the poetry forum: “I look for poems to go with my ornaments” – Willametta.

Spirit of ‘76 (1876, That is)
by Stan Oliner

The spark of amateur journalism is in the people it attracts. This is shown to me at each convention when, no matter how many times it has happened before, I eagerly await the chance to ask, “Well, who’s here?”

NAPA conventions are a family reunion of souls looking for a few days of fraternal bliss. Our minds and conversations wander not on an age-to-age level, but on an interest level.

Convention customs are legendary. How incomplete a convention would be without Louise Lincoln speaking for A. Walrus, Roy Lindberg proposing some impossible resolution, Bob Dunlap serving on the election committee, Helm Spink clarifying some devilish parliamentary point or the printers capturing a Wesson witticism on paper.

I thrive on hearing a few of the Fossils discussing past conventions. Such memories bring alive the personalities of Vincent Haggerty, Edward F. Suhre, Edwin Hadley Smith and Truman J. Spencer.

Not attend a convention each year? A part of my life would be missing if I didn’t.

ATF Visit Set Aside

The visit to the American Type Founders plant in Elizabeth regrettably had to be set aside. ATF officials said they could handle only groups of four at a time today and tomorrow. Under these conditions, the committee deemed it advisable to cancel the planned tour as it could disrupt the business sessions.

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A Touch of Sophistication

If you haven’t been very observant, take another look at the NAPA seal on page one before you read further.

For many years the crude lettering has bothered Ralph Babcock and he decided to up-date the condensed Gothic characters. In the reduced 3×3-pica ATF casting, the imperfections are not too apparent, but in the enlarged versions it has disturbed Ralph that Type Sophisticate for many years.

The new lettering was set in Post Medium and then photographically enlarged. Film positives were re-stripped and maneuvered and condensed sufficiently to encircle the familiar, unchanged crossed quills and scroll.

31 Years of APC; 29 of APC News

Twenty-nine years ago the first APC News appeared during the sessions at the Hotel New Yorker, a story oft-repeated and recently redone in the National Amateur. Graybeards Ralph Babcock, Harold Segal and George Trainer, who were there, are still active. A pair of the original group, George Andersen (formerly of Jersey City) and Walter Stevenson (from Tarrytown, N. Y.), are out there in the limbo.

Today’s Convention Highspots

– Nominations and elections of officers
– Fossil luncheon
– Vote on amendments
– Printing forum

Some Mild Fireworks Sparkle and Fizzle at Opening Session

A few surprises marked opening sessions of NAPA’s convention today at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark.

Members questioned the ethics of Secy.-Treas. Alf Babcock in sending a “memorandum” of willing candidates and “suitable” amendments in the same envelope with the proxy ballots.

Also discussed was ex-president Dora Moitoret’s resignation from the association, but the group upheld acceptance of her resignation.

President Sally O’Rear called the meeting to order as 52 persons registered on opening day.

Flash: Milt Grady has agreed to run for editor!

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No Worms for Early Birds

First arrival was Prexy O’Rear, followed by the Keffers, Alf, Bonnell and Carol Newbold. Charles Russell, Edmund Janes, Rusty, and the Haywoods.

Stan Oliner, the Spinks, Savary, Dunlap, Heljeson, Whitbread, Lindberg, Jim Carr, and Merlin Teed completed the Tuesday night arrivals.

July 4 brought Orella Halstead, Segals, Karl Zeitner, Felicitas Haggerty, Grady, Nannie Belle Beck and Clara Samuels, Castleman, Fossil Editor Jennings, Dick Branch and brood, Groveman, Miriam Woodruff, Louise Lincoln, Emily Shattuck, R. Babcock, new member Mike McInerney, Nita Smith, Harold Faust and clan, Sesta, and Dr. Elwood Jones.

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