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Walk Five Flights, or, Concerto in V Flat

On the heels of a week of humid-heavy days and a morning and early noon of torrential rains, the sun again appeared on University Avenue as the Plenary Session of the Bronx Local APC – Amalgamated Phiddleplayers Collaborating with the Foreign Legion of Printer-Bongoists merged in scintillating tintinnabulation of symphonic yak-yak (translation: raucous loquacity) in Vondy’s breezy penthouse apartment high above the Bronx noisy plains.

After a busy session of chin music in the main amphitheatre Ajs retired to the rear music hall where cool breezes and cold cuts syncopated with tinkling forks and spoons for a typical fugue in V (for Vondy’s) flat. Tucson tremors and Newark nuances filled the air with lush melody and the audience was drunk with the heady resonance (Miller’s High-Life and Hawaiian punch notwithstanding).

Performing soloists (in order of appearance):

Fantasia… Tillie Haywood
Pibroch… Hazel Segal
Sonata… Harold Segal
Dithyramb… Ralph Babcock
Pastorale… Harold Davids
Rondo… Edith Johnson
Rhapsody… Lucia Trainer
Overture… George Trainer

Forward with Sally O’Rear!

Congratulations to the new officers – may they serve wisely and well. May the association be spared of Mrs. Whatshername’s silly amendments. Okay, you guys, get behind Sally O’Rear!

This year should be a whiz-bang for the NAPA. Even George Trainer promises a paper in September – 1961, that is. His silence would be surpassed only by another Masaka. By gad, if you have any copy, please send it to George, quick!

Vic and Rowena Moitoret, returning to the USA next month, are due to appear at Doc Davids’ APC meet August 26 at Naugatuck, Connecticut.

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Meet the Elite at the Robert Treat

A Newark convention is almost the same as a New York convention. (You just can’t make a deal with a New York hotel for July.) Newark is served by air and rail transportation and is just a short bus ride from downtown Manhattan.

Do not discount Newark as a convention city. We had an even 100 present at our last one there in 1946 – and we hope to surpass that mark in ‘62.

Tillie Haywood has been appointed general chairman of the reception committee. Plans are rolling. Dates may be July 4, 5, 6 and 7, with a gala reception on the 4th, formal opening on the 5th and banquet on the evening of the 7th. Printing and writing seminars may be held in the evenings and arrangements are under way to install press and type in the convention rooms.

Save your money!

Amateur Printers – News?

Ralph Babcock, having panelled the downstairs hall of his converted barn, is gradually approaching the point of reassembling his press.

Harold Segal, with Campane short of copy, is working on a book of army vignettes – a limited edition of 100 copies.

Word from Japan is that the Wessons will attend the Newark convention.

Be Careful, Rolfe Will Put You to Work

Rolfe Castleman, the last ordained president of the APC (unravel the gavel, Rolfe!) away back when, has really gained momentum on The National Amateur, which was duly thrust upon him at Tucson.

“When Ralph nominated me, my first reaction was to hunt him down like a dog,” Rolfe said, “but now I have the opportunity to try some ideas I have been espousing for years.”

One of these is to get various members to print single sheet (2-page) inserts. Some pages are now in progress.

Castleman intends to use many illustrations. He has access to a Fairchild Scan-a-graver. Russ Paxton will print the “guts” and Rolfe will do the gathering, insert the supplements and stitch.

He will print an insert himself for the September issue to see how it works out.

Rowena and Vic Moitoret plan to visit Ijamsville after the August 26 APC meeting in Naugatuck, Conn.

“They’ll help fold,” Rolfe said, “I’ll get even with everyone who voted for me.”

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Begorra, ‘tis only a short hop from East Orange to Newark.”

APC News 78, July 29, 1961, New York City – art and lithography by RB, composition and letterpress by HS, copy by V, RB, WH, H & HS.

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