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Anything to make an impression!

After seventeen years, I decided I needed new ink rollers. There’s a rubber roller factory in Willow Grove, Pa. Six week backorder! Jobs only accepted through a regular roller company – any one – in Philadelphia. I called one, verified the order and left the rollers.

On the way home, I thought, “Six weeks; that’s an eternity!” I went back the next day, retrieved the rollers, called the roller company in Philly. “Bring ‘em down, maybe we have something we can cut down.”

Fine, they had something. I left the rollers so they could match the size. You’ll have them in a week. OK. One week. Two weeks. I phoned. They ruined the rollers cutting them down. Send the old ones back.

Four weeks later, Campane 60 was printed with the old rollers. New rollers and cores are ordered – $37.30. Seventeen years ago they cost $10. – HS

Minutia and miscellany

Tribulations for the handpress printers: The new infusion of Kelsey printer recruits has mushroomed Mailing Bureau requirements to 425 copies! Seems about time to prune some of the constant deadheads from the mailing list. If “members” show no activity in two years, drop them from the Mailer’s list. – RB

We are so glad that we were able to attend this get together after having arrived home late last night from vacation in Virgina Beach, Va. – Bill Dingle Jr. & Sr.

Tramp printers, guests, other afficionados

Helen & Warren Rosenberger, Cresskill
Hazel, Harold, David & Wendy Segal, Bristol, Pa.
Helen, Sheldon C. & Pamela Wesson, Glen Ridge
Wes Scheid, Mahwah
William Dingle, Sr. & Jr., Riverdale
Lofi & Steve Hirschman, Eastchester, N. Y.
Norman Cordes, Ridgewood
Ralph Babcock, Tuxedo Park, N. Y.
Roy Lindberg, Brooklyn, N. Y.

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Nita – APC’s honorary member

Nita Gerner Smith was one of those grand ladies who live quietly in the realm of amateur journalism, but who are fervently devoted to it and their friends in it. Nita was satisfied to be known, proudly, as the daughter of Richard Gerner, one of the luminaries of the hobby when the NAPA was founded in 1876, and wife of the late Edwin Hadley Smith, no less a star in our own universe.

Nita passed away peacefully July 25, aged almost 90. Until recently she had been firm of mind, though failing in strength. She had been delighted by occasional contacts with amateur journalists of her own era and of the present. She had attended the last few APC meetings at the Segals’ on New Year’s Eve, and will be remembered by us for her eager participation in discussions of present issues, and her memories of the past.

Historians and cataloguers will be hard pressed to find Nita’s sketchy publishing record in our archives: four issues of the Passing Show. But the long years in which she encouraged and abetted Hadley’s collection-mania helped create the Library of Amateur Journalism. That collection is as much her memorial as it is Hadley’s. – SCW

Minutia and miscellany

Regrets received from Castlemans, Heljeson, Al and Kay Lee, Worleys and Woodruff.

Wes Scheid brought along a box of old cuts for grabs and it was soon waded through by a bunch of printer-scavengers. (Oh, Lillian Worley, what you missed!)

Some people prefer girls – I prefer PRINTING! Wanna bet? – WRS

Once upon a midnight dreary,
I was very very weary,
Seeing d’s and q’s by dozens,
And all of their assorted cousins.
The job was taking all my beer,
And not an open bar was near;
When from the towel, loud and clear,
There came a cry I feared to hear:

Ordinarily the APC News doesn’t tolerate poems (except as fillers) but inasmuch as the lady poet set it herself…

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Typeset by divers hands [& fewer minds] and printed with reservations by W. F. Haywood for the NAPA.

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