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New Year Opens With 4-Way Race;
Is TBW Running For or From Presidency?

No sooner did Prexy Moitoret officially announce and explain the formation of a Nominations Committee than the APC (without Committee aid) had a four-way race.

Tom Darkbeard couldn’t bear the thought of L. St. Verle running alone – and Vic Moitoret decided for term three when Shep Wesson declared he would try again.

Put 12 APC types together and you get what? – Nominations for NAPA president. At press time, T. B. Whitbread was reportedly running Northeast or Southwest. Heljeson was running Northwest and Southeast. That’s a four-way race. Neither Nominee is sufficiently conscious to contradict us.

Happy Any Year!

No, Max: Bring an Incinerator!

Last New Year Eve’s APC News had a story about the junking of mimeo papers by the American Antiquarian Society – obviously written by an anti-mimeoer. Now we hear that the A.A.S. doesn’t care even for the printed stuff, if it didn’t originate before 1880. The original story was very slanted, wasn’t it?

Also uncovered was the fact that NYU isn’t on the NAPA mailing list. Perhaps they are not as interested in amateur journalism as we have been led to believe. Or do they have an anti-printer poet in the house?

NYU-Fossil Pact Near, U Thant Predicts

Discussions are underway with Dr. Charles Gosnell, director of libraries at New York University, concerning housing of the Fossil Collection of amateur papers there.

A tentative verbal agreement has been reached between Dr. Gosnell and Sheldon C. Wesson, Librarian of NAPA and Custodian of the Fossils. When details have been put into writing and approved by both associations, the collection (now awaiting shipment at Grand Junction, Colo.) will be transferred to the Fales Library at NYU. That library specializes in material pertaining to the history of English and American letters.

Dr. Gosnell is anxious to publicize the availability of the collection for the use of students and other interested parties.

When the collection has been transferred, a list of the missing papers of recent years will be compiled, and members will be asked to help fill the gaps. NYU library will then be put on the bundle mailing lists to keep the collection up to date.

* * * *

The party atmosphere is not hindering the publishing of a paper; after all, this issue is larger than usual.

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The Fifth Infinitive (Petrarchan Style)

When gray adorns the senior Wesson skull
And grayer yet the soggy mass inside,
Do not this ancient copy boy deride
When scintillation’s sheen is turning dull.
Who once began as pleb of Bilious Bull
Now needs no mentor’s guidance to be snide
Or find his golden copy over-I’d
By over-brimming ego ever full.

We ken that underneath that graying dome
And silently behind the raucous sneer –
All unsuspected in the inmost heart
Of towering slob, of words of froth and foam,
There burns a tiny flame of secret fear
Lest Wesson not be known as One apart.

– Sonneteer Vic Moitoret

Greetings to Y’all

New Year’s shooters with the Segals this date include:

Verle Heljeson; Lillian and Parker Worley; Thomas Whitbread; Sheldon C., Helen, Sheldon P., David and Pamela Wesson; Victor, Rowena, Carolyn, Cathy, Alan and Jackie Moitoret; Edwin, Jan, Curtis and Holly Harler; Ralph Babcock; Roy Lindberg; Nita Gerner Smith; Ed, Isabel and Gwen Van Sciver.

Regrets and regards by telephone from: Haywoods, Hustvedts, Castlemans, Branches and Trainers.

Ray Albert, of Blacksburg, Va. wanted to contribute something to this issue, so he sent this monstrous display line – and we thought he was our friend!

Ray Albert, We Love You!

Too bad Alf isn’t here to confirm this, but I am pretty sure I can identify the above typographic monstrosity. It is Hybrid Dinosaur Regurgitative Demi-Condensed Semi-Bold Ultra Improbable. Old Style, that is – to differentiate it from the modern re-cutting known as Improbable Bold. – SCW

(Wesson’s many typos corrected without charge by VAM)

We identify this noble face as Galoshes, designed in 1890 by an anonymous member of the NAPA (who has attended all the conventions). Notice the fine umbrella handle on the apex of the “1”, and the rubbers on the feet of “A”. – LW

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Suddenly, Last Summer

Last summer my niece Beth went barefoot in Cape Cod grasses. Then horror! Revulsion! Screams! What???

– A tic k

At tac ked

Her toe. – TBW

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