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Frolicking APC Rolls in 1966 with Gusto

On the weekend of December 31, 1961 – January 1, 1962 the Segals inaugurated what has become a series of year-end APC meetings. We are not sure that our hosts at Halfway House do not occasionally regret the establishment of this custom, but their fellow members have taken to the idea of “print out the old year, print in the new” with great vigor.

Twelve attended that first two-day celebration (APC News 82), but the following year-end found the attendance swelled to 19 (APC News 93). This must have been too much for the Bristol plumbing, because the following year they took time out for repairs in this department. The 1964-1965 calendar changeover brought out an amazing 28. Having survived what amounted to a convention without benefit of a hotel, the Segals went all out this year and here are those attending:

Ralph Babcock, 5 Wessons, 5 Segals, Helen and Alf Babcock, 2 Castlemans, 1 Gamble, 3 Haywoods, Verle Heljeson, 6 Moitorets, Dick Yoder, 4 Harlers and an anonymous dishwasher repairman – who didn’t succeed in his efforts. – WFH

Let’s You and Him Fight

Nothing like a few spirited arguments to impel our printers toward their typecases and our writers to their typewriters. So I, Vic Moitoret, being of reasonably sound mind, do hereby will and bequeath a few pebbles to the pool to start some ripples circling:

Jack Dow will get many deserved bouquets for his superb write-up of RWB’s Scarlet Cockerels in the latest Fossil – but he may find the 4,000 Midshipmen from the U. S. Naval Academy on his neck because he used that lowest form of address, Cadet, in referring to a Midshipman. (Cadets reside up at Hell-on-the-Hudson in a long gray line.)

Tom Whitbread would do better to boost Austin or Albuquerque or Azusa for the NAPA’s 1967 convention rather than to sling rocks at voters who chose Frederick, Maryland, for the ‘66 meet. Sour grapes stay sour.

NAPA’s Historian needs to be told (preferably by a superior officer in the hierarchy) that his published reports in The National Amateur should not include papers published by non-NAPA members – with the exception of official organs of related organizations. (One offender in the December NA: Pamela Wesson’s Peko’s Pages. Or should we twit the Recruiting Chairman for not having signed Pam up in the NAPA?)

Speaking of the Recruiting Chairman, that Seattleite has his work cut out for him. While we solidly applaud his success in adding the State of Alaska to the NAPA’s roster, he faces a challenge closer to home. We have to point out that there are as many NAPA members under one roof at 6000 Merchant Road as there are in the entire State of Washington.

According to the printed word in the NA I am supposedly on a Committee to advice Liz Butt on a format recommendation for a Proxy Ballot. But Prexy Notman has yet to address me as to whether I would so serve if he were to write me and appoint me to such a job!

And what is Notman doing on my formal protest to him on the unconstitutional acts of Mailer Larry Peck in including in the bundles numerous items that were not amateur papers? – VAM

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Tired Blood Ticket
APC News Never Disappoints; We Always Have a Ticket

I hereby announce my candidacy for President, in response to many requests I have received, all of them prompted by barrel-bottom-scrapings which have failed to turn up warm bodies.

Let there be no ridiculous long-distance last-minute importuning of candidates nor despairing elections-by-default simply because some other feeble member decides that he would like the honor.

It should be made clear that I am running for President of both the National and the American Amateur Press Associations simultaneously. Unless elected to both offices, I will decline to serve either.

My two-point platform is simple:

1. I promise to attend each association’s convention and make speeches praising the other – thus promoting inter-association bruhahaha.

2. My administration will be one of sweet tolerance and no controversy. What I say goes, and any damned fool who has an opinion may as well shut up.

I already have a promise from Alvin S. Fick, one of the few literate members of either association, that he will serve as chairman of the Bureau of Critics of the NAPA, and simultaneously, as Laureate Judge of the AAPA.

Assuming that each association will elect a Secretary and Treasurer who can read, write and possibly interpret a blank statement; and assuming that each association will elect an Official Editor who knows Russ Paxton’s address, thus guaranteeing that all future issues of the official organs will look exactly like those of the immediate past, it seems to me that all other offices are superfluous and barely ornamental. I couldn’t care less who may be nominated for them. – SCW

Hey, Max, Bring the Garbage Can!

The following announcement comes to you with the compliments of the Anti-Mimeoslop Ass’n:

The American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass., repository of the largest collection of amateur journals, has decided to discard all mimeographed papers, considering them to be unworthy of preservation along with printed matter.

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Published by a mob of amateurs under the whiplash of Harold Segal.

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